Sujiko Peptide

ღ Extremely High Quality Anti Aging Product, Fully Imported From Japan ღ

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5 Major Ingredients

Salmon Oligopeptide, Sakura Extract (Cherry blossom) Marine Collagen Peptide...

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Benefits of Sujiko Peptide

Natural skin whitening boosting ingredients for a radiant skin

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Sakura in Sujiko Peptide

SAKURA in Sujiko Peptide has been proven as an anti glycation agent...

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• Anti-Hypertension (Promote Good Blood Presssure) – Reported by Japan Food Research Laboratory
• Anti-Hyperglycemia (Promote Balanced Blood Glucose Level) – Reported by Japan Food Research Laboratory
• Anti-Melanin Deposition(Promote Balance Melanin Skin Tone)
• Natural skin-whitening boosting ingredients for a radiant skin
• […]

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Sakura flower (cherry blossom), is a symbol of Japan country has been favored by Japanese since ancient time.
According to the oldest record, it was planted for their beauty and adornment of the ground nobility as early as 794.

Japanese people love […]

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Seven health benefits of salmon

Seven health benefits of salmon
1. Eating salmon is beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. Salmon contains small proteins called bioactive peptides. One in particular, called calcitonin, has been shown to increase, regulate and stabilize collagen […]

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