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About Sujiko Peptide

Sujiko Peptide is the world’s first Salmon Oligopeptide superfood produced using patented advanced technology in Japan. Based on Japanese scientific research discovers that Salmon Oligopeptide contains large amount of growth factor, cytokines, SOD, antibodies, amino acids, vitamins and minerals required by our body for repair and regeneration processes in cells, tissues and organs.
Based on our long-term experiments, it shows that Sujiko Peptide helps to repair cells, re-energise cells, and to delay aging. Due to its anti aging benefits, Sujiko Peptide is regarded as the “Elixir of Life” by the Japanese.
Sujiko Peptide is 100% made up of wild deep sea salmons from Hokkaido, Japan. The amount of exercise of wild deep sea salmons are higher than that of farmed salmons, thus their nutritional value are higher than farmed salmons. Farmed salmons contain higher level of toxins which may be harmful to human body.
Salmon oligopeptides are extracted using Japan patented Biological Enzyme Degradation Technology. After the thawing, washing and enzyme degradation process, peptides are extracted from the salmon ovaries. After going through a unique enzyme hydrolysis patented technology (Japanese Patent No. 3691497), peptide concentrate are produced at the 600 Dalton molecular size (easy for absorption and usage of human body).


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