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” We are HEAD hunting for pool of 1st PIONEER people worldwide and we are LOOKING for people to join hands with us in making this HUGE OPPORTUNITY available for every person who believe in POWER of Networking and Multi Level Marketing. We WELCOME most especially for the State Distributors and Network Builders with open heart “

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) – How to Become A Distributor 

1) Please click on the Buy Now button (Located at RHS & bottom of site).
2) You will be re-directing to the payment website that offering 2 type of payment option:-  
     i)  Pay with my Paypal account          
     ii) Pay with my credit or debit card
3) Please fill up your payment particular details. 
4) After all the particular details have been filled up, please click the Pay button at the bottom of the page.
5) Once, the payment has been cleared I will notify you ASAP.
6) We will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.
7) We will give you the shipping tracking code once it had been delivered out to your shipping address.
8) Estimated time of acceptance  will depend on shipping service (2-4 weeks estimated).

General Marketing Plan
* Based on Malaysian Member Registration. Different country Marketing Plan shall be tailored according to Board of Directors Discussion and First Country Representative.


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