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Mission & Vision


  • To develop & discover new formulation using latest advanced technology to delay Aging in the 21st century
  • To provide a never seen before business platform with a successfully proven system to let members achieve Success in life (Win-win Situation)
  • To provide education and nurture members to be independent and have an Entrepreneur Mind Set.


  • To be proactive and innovative. We will harness the best technologies Health Product and practices so as to stay relevant, efficient and competitive.
  • Respect. To respect the feelings of the individual and to appreciate his dignity and self-worth, his time and effort, and his need to balance work and family life.
  • To act responsibly, honestly and to be morally courageous in carrying out our duties. We will be fair and above board in all our business dealings.
  • To value teamwork, harmony and unity in our network relationships. We shall do our work with steadfastness and consideration for our leader and customers.
  • Service Excellence. To strive to serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently. We shall persevere to excel in all areas of our work through continual learning and a positive work attitude.


Mega Science Tech (MST) , Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Malaysian Health Company who produce Sujiko Peptide in association with Sunsho Co Ltd, Japan’s Biggest Health Manufacturer. It is a World’s 1st Unique Solution for Anti-Aging Solution for both men and women and has been patented in Japan,Korea, USA and China.
MST offer proven and safe Anti-Aging solution by the good testimonies have been received from all our customer around Malaysia, Singapore,Brunei, Indonesia and Philippine. It has been used by all level of people from multiple backgrounds due to beauty and health concerns in general.
This product has been accredited and approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health, Japan Food Research Laboratories, Health Science Authority Singapore, SGS Singapore and Ministry of Health Brunei and in addition relevant authorities in Indonesia and Philippine.
MST is currently looking for International expansion  of its business into other countries, due to positive feedback received from International Business  Beauty and Health Communities.
MST would like to offer mutual exclusive 1st Pioneer opportunity in each defined country. MST will fully support its pioneer with business development and technical advice, legal and authorative support,express and bulk shipments forwarding, and other miscellaneous support services with the best of interest.

In tandem with business operation expansion and diversification into other countries, MST would like to be represented with Group of reputable Networker candidate who possess the quality of a premiere Business Visionary acumen in each country.

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