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The Secret of Sujiko Peptide

Japanese researcher discovers the first and the latest technology of salmon extract that can surprise the world. It is an extract from salmon “placenta” called “Salmon Ovary Peptide (SOP)”.
The results of this research showed that salmon Oligopeptide provided higher amount of nutrient than placenta of other animals. In addition, it is accepted throughout the world that salmon oligopeptide is contained with various beneficial nutrients similar to nutrients demanded by our body.
It is contained with necessary amino acids required by our body and more than 800 types of important nutrient called “Growth Factor”.
Nutrients found in salmon oligopeptide have the following properties:
  • Stimulate our body to remove old skin cells and build new skin cells making your skin white and radiant naturally.
  • Improve our body balance through blood circulatory system that is beneficial for your body and skin.
  • Help to improve blood circulatory system therefore it helps to solve your problem of dark eye circles.
  • Spots and wrinkles will be reduced due to decreasing of melanin production.
  • Protect skin from dryness while providing firmness to your facial skin.
  • Stimulate skin cells healing as well as accelerate wounds healing and scar recovery.
  • Brighten dry skin damaged by sunlight and UV.
  • Stimulate elastin and collagen production in skin layer providing youth and firmness to your skin.
  • Help to increase growth hormones in our body because growth hormones are important substances released by our body while we are sleeping
  • Helping to recover deteriorated cells of our body as same as skin cells of person with sufficient sleeping that are healthy and young. Simultaneously, Sujiko peptide will stimulate our body to release growth hormones normally although we have insufficient sleeping.
  • Help to improve blood circulatory system therefore it provides indirect effects to your skin, for example, solving problem of dark eye circles because eyes’ blood circulatory system is improved.
  • Improve functions of out body to be more efficient leading to better metabolism and less body fat.
  • It is plentiful with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

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